Where are my points??

Some points show up immediately and others take a little longer. Here's how it goes:

PETITIONS score 35 points immediately.

EVENTS give you the points once we've received and gone through the registration lists - and that can take a day or two.

"SELFIE" ACTIONS have to be verified by the community and that can take an hour to a day depending on how much is going on and how responsive people are.

OTHER ACTIONS like surveys, signing up for newsletters, etc. can also take a day or so depending on how quickly we are sent the relevant lists of emails.

In short - you may need to be a little patient but please be sure that all points WILL be counted so get busy and rack 'em up.

If you are sure you're missing points that you should have by now come back here and select Guided Support to log a ticket and we will get on it.

Good luck, SaveOhno, and make a difference!

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