Where's the selfie I uploaded?

If you upload a selfie of an action it won't appear in the Community Feed immediately. It has to be verified by the community and that can take an hour to a day depending on how much is going on. There is a check-box when you submit that allows it to be published and if you unchecked that then it won't be shown in the feed.

Find all the Community Feeds here https://www.saveohno.org/feed#

We're sure your picture is awesome and hope it shows up soon!

Good luck, SaveOhno, and make a difference!

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  1. Quentin
    30 March, 2018

    Allie - this may help
    ‚ÄčA lot of actions need a selfie as evidence.

    1) Find all the actions you haven't completed yet here https://www.saveohno.org/actions#

    2) Click on each action and if you need to upload a selfie there is a box to do that at the bottom of the page

    3) Your selfie should match the example image to ensure that it will be approved by the community

    And smile! (or not)

    SaveOhno, make a difference, have fun.

  2. Allie
    29 March, 2018


    I have not figured out how to upload a selfie. Could you post an article for that please.