Why don't you include my sustainability cause?

We love your passion and we love what you do. There are many many things to do to make a difference, and if we were launch with the most impactful thing then maybe it would be eating vegan, registering to vote, or marching to your nearest gas pipeline site and chaining yourself to the diggers. But at the beginning people are still learning the interface and signing up, and many have never even thought about sustainability before, so we lure them in with some easy stuff ;)

We believe that:

We act ourselves into thinking differently more easily than we think ourselves into acting differently.℠

Once they are taking the first step it's easier to ask them to take the second, and the third, and the fourth, and one day they're doing what you care most about too. Saving Ohno can be frustrating for those that are already doing a lot. So do suggest improvements and please be patient as we nudge a ton of students in the right directions.

And maybe your cause will appear later in the competition. Please log a ticket through Guided Support to ask about or suggest an action, and thank you!

SaveOhno, have fun, and make a difference

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