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  1. Alea Hunsucker
    26 April, 2018

    Hello, SaveOhno team! My team has 10 people, and the “complete you team” action shows as incomplete.
    -Additionally, my “make a suggestion or ask a question” action is increased incomplete and I finished it on Tuesday. Today is the last day of the comp. please help!

  2. Cayla Casucci
    16 April, 2018

    My team recently added 5 members, they all changed their team names so they are the same as the existing members, however when I click on my team they are not on the list. Is there anything we can do to remedy this? Is there something we aren't doing right?

  3. Cayla Casucci
    16 April, 2018

    I have attempted to log into my SaveOhNo account to sign petitions however a couple of times I have gotten redirected to a page that says: "We're sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information." I have since been able to get into my account, however twice when I attempted to sign petitions it brought me to the same page. I just want to make sure I am able to participate and collect points!

  4. Parker Cohen-Oswald
    15 April, 2018

    Hi, my points are not counting towards my Fordham University team! Is there anyway this can be changed?

  5. Lauren
    12 April, 2018

    I can't take the welcome survey. Nothing shows up.

  6. Samantha Petrelli
    12 April, 2018

    I haven’t gotten the points for running the science program on my computer and I have been running it for two days.

  7. Dylan
    27 March, 2018

    Hi Tara,

    Please submit a ticket for this in the support guide linked above. Once you answer the questions you'll have an opportunity to submit a ticket at the end.

    You can also find the support guide at

    In that guide you'll find a walkthrough for how to get your actions verified. Once the community verifies your action, it will appear on the feed (if you checked it as "public" when you uploaded it).

    Thanks for signing up! Hope you're enjoying the platform so far.

  8. Tara Beattie
    26 March, 2018

    I can't figure out how to post a picture to the community feed, I uploaded a photo, but it hasn't showed up on the feed.